Nervous System Workshops

Somatic Presence Group

Developing a Relationship with Your Body & Nervous System

4-Week Online Group: Every Thursday from May 2 to May 23 Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm Fee: $222 – via e transfer to Deadline to Register: Monday April 29, 2024 This Series is for adults only, 21 years of age and up

This Series will be a pre-cursor to future groups and in-person workshops/retreats, all focused on contacting, developing, and deepening your relationship with your “Somatic Self”. Our overall intention is to move towards awareness, healing and regulation for the body and nervous system. It will involve basic teachings and experiential exercises in a small group setting (maximum 8 participants) online via Zoom.

Some topics we will explore:

  • Nervous system basics and the Vagus nerve – fight, flight, fawn, freeze
  • Attachment & Relationships – the co-mingling of nervous systems
  • Boundaries – what is mine and not mine
  • Body Expression – how the body and nervous system expresses itself, creates “symptoms”
  • Safety and Security in the body
  • The “T” word everyone is talking about

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