About Us

The NeuroSoma Wellness Centre

We are committed to supporting our clients to heal from the impacts of stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Our approach prioritizes the regulation of the nervous system through a combination of mind-body psychotherapy, cutting-edge Neurofeedback technology, trauma-focused somatic bodywork, and other holistic modalities aimed at nurturing the mind-body-spirit connection.

Your nervous system, comprising the brain, spinal cord, and intricate network of nerves, governs numerous aspects of your health and well-being, from basic functions like breathing to complex cognitive processes such as emotion regulation and memory. However, life stressors like chronic stress, trauma, and adverse experiences can disrupt this delicate balance, leading to nervous system dysregulation.

Dysregulation may manifest as difficulties in responding to stressors and processing information, contributing to mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, poor attention, addiction, and chronic pain.

Our goal is to aid in regulating the nervous system, fostering mental clarity, deeper bodily calmness, and a stronger connection to self.

Treatment Plan

Depending on a client’s presenting issues and level of dysregualtion, we encourage accessing the following services as part of an overall treatment plan.

Mind-Body Psychotherapy

Facilitates the rewiring of neural pathways, guiding the brain away from survival mode towards emotional equilibrium, fostering coping skills, and self-healing.

Neurofeedback Training

Promotes harmony among brainwaves, facilitating the creation of new neural pathways that aid in calming the nervous system.

Trauma Informed Body Work

Releases trapped trauma from the body, promoting nervous system regulation in a manner that is non-retraumatizing. (Offered by Soma Essence Healing)

Nervous System Workshops

Learn about the impact of stress on the nervous system and explore strategies for managing stress, improving relaxation, and enhancing overall well-being.

We offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation

Please contact our intake manager Susan Graham to learn more about services or to book your first appointment.

Our History

Jason Koenigbaur and Jodie Lindley, a dynamic husband and wife duo, leverage over 20 years of expertise in mental health and mind-body healing as founders of NeuroSoma Wellness. In response to growing demand for mind-body therapies to address anxiety and trauma, they expanded their reach by establishing Neuro Soma Wellness adjacent to the Newmarket Therapy Centre.

This innovative clinic specializes in nervous system regulation through personalized mind-body therapies, neurofeedback training, and trauma-informed bodywork. Collaborating seamlessly with the Newmarket Therapy Centre, their shared vision, backed by a passionate team of psychotherapists and wellness practitioners, aims to provide transformative therapies that foster the mind-body-spirit connection, offering hope and healing not only to Newmarket but also to broader communities.

This vision continues to grow as more importance is placed on mental health along with an awakened desire for people to connect more deeply to themselves and others.